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The world's strongest glass-glass solar panel

Almaden photovoltaic module can cover all needs:

BIPV Applications: Solar roofs as in Greenhouse, Warehouse, Market, Terminal, Carport, Patio, etc.

Almaden ultrathin glass-glass frameless solar module is perfect for all roofing structures. The module presents an ideal combination of lightweight and robust. It weighs less than 12kg/m2 and is not a burden to roofing structures. Meanwhile, it withstands 5400Pa snow load, safe to be applied as a roof. More importantly, the glass-glass design allows customers to get the desirable transparency, perfect for greenhouse, facades and carport applications.

Almaden glass-glass module is elegant and can be seamlessly integrated into the roof structures, creating perfect visual treat. Its flexible structure leaves more design freedom to the architects for BIPV applications.

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Advantages of Almaden Frameless Glass-Glass Mono & Poly crystalline PV Modules

TCO (FTO) Glass

TCO (Transparent conductive oxide) glass is also called transparent conductive oxide coating glass. Using physical or chemical method to form uniform and transparent conductive oxide thin film including In, Sn, Zn and Cd oxide and its composite multi-oxide thin film materials.

TCO glass was originally used in flat panel displays, the conductive glass of ITO type is still the mainstream glass electrode product of flat-panel display industry. In recent years, the price rise of crystalline silicon have greatly promoted the development of thin-film solar cells. Currently, the thin film market share takes up over 10% of the global market share. TCO glass as necessary component of the cells, the market demand is increasing rapidly and has become a high-tech coating product.

Anti-reflective coating glass

Advantages of Almaden Anti-reflective Glass: Applications of Anti-reflective Glass: